Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Succulent Animal Planter Pin Kickstarter Funded!

The Kickstarter was fully funded!

I’m still waiting for the digital proof from the manufacturer. I got the order confirmation last week and I’m not sure when the design team will get back to me. With how things are going, they might start production within the next week or two so I will probably get the pins by the end of June or mid-July.

Here are two additional designs in this series but it would’ve cost quite a bit more to get them all made at the same time. I will save these for another time!

Etsy Tips: Add Complementary Products or Services to Boost Your Sales

If your Etsy shop is at a good start but you want to start making smaller steps to achieve a bigger goal such as reaching a revenue target or a certain number of sales, there are several ways you can boost your sales. One way is by offering complementary products or services.

It adds more value to your shop and can inspire repeat business. It helps when times are slow in one area of your business and the other is still keeping the cash flowing. When creating complementary products or services, you need to figure out how to build upon what you know and offer it in a way that it benefits a different audience and then you'll have a new stream of income.

Here are some examples:
  • If you sew clothing and also have a lot of experience with designing your own patterns or even fabrics, people that would rather create than buy a finished project would be happy to have the opportunity to buy your sewing patterns via Instant Download or fabric designs instead.
  • If you sell framed art prints, maybe you can make postcards, small stickers for planners, or even a printable download to create a cheaper price point.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

6 Etsy Tools for Market Research, Shop Management, and More

Here are some websites or apps that offer Etsy related tools and resources for market research, shop management, and more. They can help you see what items are the most popular, how to improve your keywords, show you the top sellers for comparison, improve your photos, help you manage your listings, or offer various widgets you can put on your blog or website. Most of these websites are free but some may have premium services. I have personally used these sites over the years and have found them to be very helpful.

1. has great tools to help you monitor and improve your Etsy shop. It performs a detailed audit on all of your listings and provides you with advice on how to improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and visibility on search engines. It also has more features such as:

  • Rank Checker which shows you where your shop ranks with a keyword or keyword phrase of your choice.
  • Spell Checker that looks for spelling typos or mistakes in your listing titles, descriptions, and tags.
  • Keyword Tool that shows the competitiveness of tags and gives you access to alternative keyword ideas.
  • Color Trend show which colors have been searched the most over the last year.
  • Profit Calculator helps you estimate your Etsy fees and profit.
  • Market Report shows the percentage of people who use Etsy, how Etsy's reach compares to other shopping sites, and which countries Etsy users come from.
  • SEO Report shows you how your search engine optimization is performing.
  • Social Report. Make sure to enter your social media accounts, website, and blog on your account under the 'Around the web” section for it to collect this information. You can find it by clicking on 'Your shop' at the top of the page, then on the blue 'Edit shop >' button, and scrolling down past the 'About' section.
2. is a website that shows simple stats of shops. It's a way to keep track of how many favorites your shop has, your item views and favorites, and to see if your shop has ever been featured on Etsy's front page or in an Etsy email. (This site began before Etsy had stats and activity notifications!)

CraftCult also has free widgets for blogs & websites, feature Etsy treasuries on their front page, and an archive on Etsy's front page treasury lists (Note: Etsy no longer features treasuries on their front page). Still, checking out treasuries is a great way to discover new items and shops that you probably wouldn't have found otherwise.

3. allows you to put your items on sale and this way you can provide discounts on only certain sections of your shop or specific listings, which currently can't be done with Etsy's Coupon Codes. You can also browse all Etsy on Sale items (from other shops) by going to the Shop the Sales page. This is a premium website and it uses a credit system for their tools. New users start with 5 Free Credits. The site features tools such as:

  • Sales Event Manager: This allows you to schedule sales and you can choose to add a sale prefix such as “ON SALE” in the title or description of your selected listings. You can also show the regular prices and it will be displayed crossed out on the Etsy listing page. If you select the auto-add option while your sale is running, it will search your shop for new listings that have been added to the sale section and will be automatically added to your sale.
  • Tag Tool: This tool lets you edit all your tags at once and you can also manage multiple Etsy shops from one Etsy on Sale account. This is convenient if you have many listings and want to edit your entire shop or a single section at once.
  • Auto Renew: You can schedule items to automatically renew at your specified times. This way you can schedule items to renew during special times (such as when you're sleeping) so your items can possibly be seen by buyers from other countries. Or you can even plan to have them renew during the times you aren't home. 
4. is a product photography enhancement application. It helps make your products stand out by removing distracting elements from the background and gives you a crisp plain background. For best results, you should take your photos on a white or black background that is as texture-less as possible.

You can sign up via your Etsy account and grant the application access to your Etsy account to directly edit photos from your listings. Or you can create an account on FotoFuze and upload your photos into the application.

To select the product from the background, use the yellow highlighter tool by coloring over the object. It needs to be entirely filled in or it won't render correctly. You can also use the eraser tool if you selected too much or on the wrong area. Don't forget to highlight some of the shadows behind the product so it shows up in the background.

FotoFuze also allows Etsy sellers to create, update, renew, copy, and draft listings directly from the website and they have special sales feature that lets you put your shop on sale as well.

5. has some free tools to help you optimize tags, show if your listings are in trends, and the position of your listings in categories.

They also have some free and premium Google Chrome extension plugins that make playing promotion games faster and easier, allow you to print multiple address labels for your packages faster, and enable you to quickly make treasuries from your favorite lists.

6. is a website that makes it easy for you to get keyword ideas from your friends, colleagues, etc. You create a scenario and then share the link with them and ask them to answer it as if they were using a search engine. It's a great way to gather potential keywords for your shop because they're search terms others may possibly use when trying to search for items or shops like yours.

Monday, May 22, 2017

New Kickstarter Sneak Peek

As the Succulent Animal Planter Pin Kickstarter is getting closer to it's deadline, I decided to start preparing for my next Kickstarter for enamel pins of one of my other designs.

A flamingo wearing a flower crown! I budgeted for only 50 hard enamel pins of this design to keep the cost lower than the previous Kickstarter.

Stretch goals will include the darker pink flamingo and possibly other variations. I’ll have some limited early bird price rewards and will be able to offer stickers as rewards as well.
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